Advertising on Puppy Pride

Puppy Pride lets you view and manage your advertising campaigns with our simple and automated system. If you have any issues please email [email protected]

How to set up a campaign

Open this link in a new tab. Pick a campaign name, where you want it to link to, which advert position you want, and when you want the adverts to start.

Each campaign can only go to one link, if you have multiple links then you'll need to set up multiple campaigns.

Once this is saved you'll then be able to upload as many images as you want. Make sure they are the correct size for the space, as specified below.

After you are done with the images just pick how many impressions you want to purchase and place the order. You'll then be given the banking details to make the payment, please use the invoice number as the reference. It takes about 24 hours for us to approve an order.

How adverts are picked

Each time an advert needs to be shown the site picks a random active campaign. It will then pick a random picture from that campaign.

Having multiple images in a campaign will NOT increase the likely hood of your advert appearing. However it can help with testing to see which images have the best CTR to improve your campaign.

Advert Specifications

All adverts should be uploaded as JPG/PNG. GIF's are allowed but will be reduced to a single slide. Adverts MUST be the correct size for the space else they will not upload.

Top Of Page
Leaderboard - 728*90px

Medium Rectangle - 300*250px

Full Banner - 468*60px


  • As all NSFW content on the website is hidden behind filters, no adverts can contain any NSFW images.
  • All adverts, and the sites they link to, must be completely legal in the UK and USA.
  • We do not accept links to other social networks.
  • If your campaign is banned for breaking any of the rules, all impressions will be lost and no refund will be made.