Paw Prints

We are designing a wall piece for the petting zoo's we sponsor at big events, and we wanted to make the background out of paw prints. Drawn by different puppies to symbolise themselves, and what they like, and show the huge diversity in the pet play community.


Please note:
You do NOT have to use the template provided
You can create any paw print you like!

If printing the template

  • Download the files from the links below
  • Print paw print template (we recommend the PDF or JPG)
  • Customise the paw print ANY way you want
  • Scan or photograph your customised paw print
  • Email it to [email protected]

If editing a template on your computer

  • Download the files from the links below
  • Using your favourite editing software, customise the paw print template ANY way you want
  • Save the customised paw print
  • Email it to [email protected]

By submitting a paw print you give us full rights to use it unedited (apart from resizing) as we want for marketing purposes. We will not crop, cut, or otherwise manipulate the works. All copyrights still belong to the person submitting them. Please do not use copyrighted materials in your paw print.

Wall Decoration

The paws will be used to make the posters and designs for us to use on walls at events we sponsor or organise.

The one below is the first one we have made which will be on show at Heavens Circus on the 11th September.

Paws Received So Far: