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It is now possible to link up with friends on the website. You'll find the add friend button their profile page, and a list of incoming and outgoing friends requests in your account pages.

At the moment friend do little more then appear on your profile page, letting you see user users friends, and your mutual friends. However more will be done to incorporate this functionality into the website.


The user image system has had another overhall. While images are still contained inside albums, you can now see all images in the recent image list. This will help you find new images that were put into older albums a lot easier, and mean new photos aren't missed.

You can also leave comments on images and find out which albums the images are in. Please be polite with your comments!

Album pass codes have been removed and replaced with a friends only option to make them easier for you to maintain.


You can now comment on anyone's blogs. The latest 10 comments will appear below it, with pagination for the rest.

Chat Room

We have now implemented avatars, genders, location, and age on the chat room profiles. Unfortunately it isn't getting this information from the main site so it has to set up separately.

To clear up some confusion you do NOT have to have a webcam to use the chat rooms. They are just normal text chats, which have a webcam option if you want to use it.

London Pride

This year's London Pride is on 27 June. Full details can be found here:

If you need help finding the location or arranging accommodation, please drop me an email at: [email protected]

After Party?

We are currently talking to several London clubs to arrange a pre-Pride changing room with bag check, and an after party. Details will be announced as soon as we have them.

Please note: anyone claiming to be running official events not mentioned on a newsletter, and posted by 'admin' on the Puppy Pride events list is lying.


Fetish Bound

Fetishbound takes place on the second Friday of each month from 7pm till 11pm at The Underground Club beneath Central Station.

Entry is £10 with a reduction for pass holders.

It has a friendly atmosphere and normally has 3-6 puppies there every night. With a padded area devoted to pet play with beds and toys, it's a great place to go.

This is a male only event.


Once again Birmingham will be hosting the Pup Social event between 27 March and 29 March. Details can be found on their website here:


Know of any other pup events happening? Get the organisers to add them to the Puppy Pride website here: and we will mention them in the next email!

Pet you all soon! Kye Etherton



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