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Hi, i'm Styra - a rubber puppy with a passion for self expression. I am a proud York Pup and being so close to Whitby (about an hour north of here) I could not resist the opportunity of attending the Whitby Goth Weekend this November (4th - 6th). From here, I decided that I wanted to go as full puppy, I mean, why the heck not!! However, I wanted a bit extra to make myself stand out. Rather (in)conveniently, the pair of rubber Doc Martin's I wear decided to rip along the base - I was very saddened by this, but with a little brain storming with Tyke Pup, we thought it would be possible to firstly glue the boots together and then add a bright purple layer of latex to continue the purple and rubber aesthetic!

So in this blog, I'd love to share with you guys how to make latex designs for yourself!

Materials required: • Acetate sheets (any stationary shop) • Hair dryer • Sponge / Paint brush / Plastic spatula (something you can spread latex with easily and not mind it getting slightly ruined!) • Liquid latex (I used make up latex, for example: "Liquid Latex, Theatrical Quality Scar Latex" Ingredients: Rubber Latex, Water, Ammonium Hydroxide, Ammonium Laurate, Potassium Neodecanoate, Benzisothiazolinone. Usually the stuff in the solid bottles is ok - not the tubes!) • Children's craft paint (any craft shop - water based / washable) Optional: • Shoe glue (to attach to the finished garment) • Craft knife and cutting board or; • Scissors

Time commitment: About 24 hours (most of this is just leaving it alone!!)

Method: 1) Clear a flat, dry area to work that won't be disturbed by other puppies and such like. 2) Lay out your sheet of acetate. Ensure it is completely flat and retrieve the sponge or paint brush. 3) Open the bottle of liquid latex - it will smell of fish (that is the amines and ammonium compounds for my fellow chemists). 4) Leaving a minimum 5 cm boarder at the top and bottom, put about 8 drops on one the left or right edge of the acetate. Quickly spread the latex across the acetate to create a relatively even layer. 5) Once you have spread the latex evenly, DO NOT TOUCH IT! It will stick to your fingers and pull away ridiculously easily! 6) Use the hair dryer on medium heat and low blow strength - if possible - to dry this layer. It will start to fade from white to colourless. Keep using the hair dryer until completely colourless. 7) Once dry to the touch, add 3 more layers in the same way as steps 4 - 6. 8) Having completed this, take the bottle of water based children's paint and add a squirt of it into the bottle of latex itself. Obviously, you cannot go back from this so make sure you are sure with the colour! Add more paint for darker colours, add white for lighter colours. Screw the top of the bottle back on and shade for a good minute or so. 9) Pour about 1/3 of this mixture in a line on the acetate, in the middle of the dry latex already there. Spread gently by blowing with your mouth - don't worry if it doesn't reach all areas this time! 10) Gently blow dry this layer (it is going to take much longer than before because the layer is thicker!). 11) When dry (the colour will have darkened considerably), repeat steps 9 - 10 remembering to fill in any areas that you have missed. 12) Once the bottle is empty, blow dry the final layer for about 5 minutes and then leave in a dry place overnight. This ensures that the latex cures properly, fully incorporating the paint. 13) When dry on the top, turn the acetate over to have a look at the bottom side. If there are still white streaks, this is fine! Simply peel back the latex very gently off of the acetate and flip it over so the shiny underside is exposed to the air. Leave to cure an hour or 2 longer. 14) Cut out our design either using a craft knife and cutting board or scissors. Simply personal preference. 15) To attach the design, apply a think layer of boot glue to both the surfaces and follow the instructions on the packet!

There you have it!! I hope someone finds it useful! Key thing to avoid, though is the latex in the tube and possibility of the drying latex being disturbed!

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