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First time at Kennel Klub

Published 7 years ago

5 barks


Well after nearly six months of always having something happening on the first Saturday of the month, pup finally made it to his first Kennel Klub. Nerves were definitely kicking in as the date approached, but thanks to a few pups providing much needed encouragement on telegram, pup overcame them and made it. The warm and friendly welcome from all made pup feel at home, so from being a very quiet and shy pup standing at the back drinking a beer, pup eventually made it to the floor towards the end and started to join in. Now that the first visit is out of the way, there will be no stopping pup now - KK will be a regular thing. And a big thanks to those pups who helped pup get over his nerves both before the event and during it - you know who you are - big licks to you all - awoooo



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