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2017 Nerdy Doggo Survey

Published 7 years ago

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Welcome to the 2017 Nerdy Doggo Survey, set to become the worlds most in depth and largest research project on pup play to date.


There are many reasons we are conducting this large scale research project, here is a list of what our objectives are:

  • To help inspire future research in the academic community about the pup play and animal roleplay community.
  • To help inform workshop creators to help provide resources and topics that are the most helpful in the community.
  • To create a major comprehensive quantitative research to be publicly viewable by the entire community.
  • To see what topics are popular amongst the community to steer the direction of resource and advice creation in the community.


We will be releasing a new survey part of the project once every 1 – 3 months, participants can retake each survey, you can fill out each and every survey. You do not need to fill it out in order either, Pick ones you havent done and continue


We plan to release segments of facts data mined from the results throughout the year. Then at the end of the year, all survey segments will be closed from submissions, data collated and in early 2018, the rest of the results will be published.


We will NOT be making the individuals raw data publicly available, this is to ensure the privacy of participants and no data released will be capable of being traced back to specific individuals.


Main reason we are bringing the survey out in a series than one really long survey, is so your feedback, ideas and question requests can be considered, we will be releasing sections all year and will regularly check and monitor feedback on the pupplay.info site and on social media. If you have an idea or some feedback, don’t hesitate to ask us. If it is as unbiased as possible, there is a good chance it will go into the future parts.


Check us out at www.pupplay.info for more information or contact us via social media.

To Complete The Survey, Click The Links Below



Part 1 focuses on basic demographics and statistics in the community. Information on health and well-being, influence of social support groups and some questions about gear that will help shape the future gear section of the survey series.

Q: I’m a Handler and a Pup. But you only let me pick one?

A: Switches are an important part of the community, and they aren’t left out! There is a whole survey section coming soon that focuses on just switches in the community. If you want to, you can fill it out twice; once for your pup side, another for your handler side. (This is why we haven’t restricted you to only one entry)

Q: You ask about gear but not how important it is to me?

A: None of these questions are designed to attack anyone, yes there are some very opinionated people in the community about gear, That is why the part 1 questions were kept objective and unbiased. Future parts of the survey when released will focus on more subjective opinions and diversity of ideas about gear in the community.

Q: [Inset Question Here] is biased, you shouldn’t assume “this” is important.

A: Questions have been designed to be objective, to ask factual values and this way, opinions and bias are removed as much as possible. I’m sorry you feel that this survey is biased towards one way or another but It isn’t designed or intended to put any divide in the community. I’m sure this will become more apparent throughout later in the survey series.


Part 2 focuses on people who are switches in the community, being a pup and a handler. We have also begun our list of questions about identity, please remember this is not an exhaustive list and we will continue to delve deeper into this topic in future survey parts.

Q: [Inset Question Here] is in the survey, but it isn’t as important as asking about [Inset Question Here].

A: If we put in every question we had, it would take a very long time to fill out. To keep these surveys at a reasonable size, we are have broken up major topics to be spread through future survey versions. The order of questions does NOT mean something in more important, its just a matter of pacing everything throughout the year.


  • Community,  What events do you go to? Are there any events you want to go to? What workshops do you know are out there?
  • Gear, The personal importance to you, types of gear, how fast you go through gear? is it essential to you? or not?
  • Switches, Are you a pup & handler? Alpha to one person but omega to another?
  • Identity, What do you identify with in the community? how important is your identity to yourself?
  • Titles, do you call yourself a flesh pup? or a rubber pup? Sir, Handler or Trainer?
  • BDSM, What activities do you do while as a pup, what activities would u not do?
  • Pack Dynamics, belong to a pack? what kind of structure is it? Have any rules? no rules?
  • More Coming Soon



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