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Pup Life P1

Published 7 years ago

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So I have been around on the pup scene for about 4 months now and have gained quite a lot of friends in the meanwhile. I thought I would post a blog to generally say what I have experienced. So a lot of people think that pup play is a form of bestiality which is completely and utterly wrong but we all know that don't we :-P.

I have met quite a number of people either through this or through my housemate who got me interested in all the fetish side. There have been negative reactions and I have felt I have had to explain myself to a number of people as well but I also feel that I have managed to get through to them and to get them to see Smudge as a pup who is around and won't go away. However much some people want to say they don't want Smudge around they do really :P.

SO here goes my attempt at a blog, I will update things frequently as I experience new things and possibly some investigative work I do into what is pup play and how did it come to be the thing it is today.

*licks all around and ARF*



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