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A Evening with Master: Short Story

Published 6 years ago

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An Evening with Master: Short Story

                    Its not just the air, but the grass, the sky, the tree’s, everything comes into sharp focus. The clarity is staggering, but there’s something that could toss a brilliant shadow over the fascinating world around me and that’s him. 

He’s my world, the one person who grounds me and defines my need for being. 

My master. 

Its not so much what he says, but what he does and how I respond that seems to make the large confusing world smaller and more focused. Just a slight tilt of his head in my direction and my body sways with pleasure, my tail sweeping the air in arcs behind me. His smile brings me rushing to his knee’s to place my head on his lap casting longing eyes up in his direction. He trusts me to remain at his side even without a leash on and if one was to look close enough they’d see the sparkling red tag sitting like a ruby on my collar that bears his name and number.


When he stands I back up, prancing from paw to paw, my ears alert to his movements. 

“Come on, Six.” 

Encouraging words that block out all other sounds, even the chirping of the birds that demand to be chased or the far off voices of people that would have usually drawn a growl from me. But with his words I’m thrown back into the endless black hole of worship that he commands. Whatever interests him interests me.

 “Oh, look a stick!” 

He bends into the grass to inspect something below and I bound over to him to investigate as well. As always he’d found one a tad too big but I eagerly take it from him when he offers it and prance off with my new treasure. His laughter lights my ears as he smiles at my antics. Carrying the stick he’s chosen is exhausting since its misbalanced and heavy but its his stick and I instantly am in love with it. Halfway back to our mat I pause and lift my nose to catch his scent, he’s not moving with me. Turning around, the stick dropping from my mouth I notice he’s looking at something else now. Something I cannot see from where I am. My interest piqued I return to him, my stick completely forgotten. 

                  He’s found a bug! An interesting bug in fact. Something that catches my attention almost as quickly as the stick. “Look there it goes!” He points, a single finger far too close to the dangerous thing on the floor. I pounce, paws first, muzzle down, hoping that I’d captured him only to see him bounce into the air and out of my reach. 

“Here it is, Six!” He calls, scooting sideways as I jump again, missing the bug by inches. This game could last for seconds or hours, to me it does not matter. If he’s interested in the bug and its near him its a threat and the only thing I can think about is catching it. If he’s picking up sticks then they are important to me and I want to carry them for him. If he’s talking, even if I don’t always understand I want to listen to him. If he’s sitting I want to be nearest him and if I am near him it is never near enough.

                 Now, as the sun sets leaving orange streaks across the sky he returns to our mat underneath the pleasing shade of a tree and sits down. Following him closely I sit down near him and he scratches a place just behind my ear that makes one of my legs bounce in time. His hands unlock the secret of my body that even I cannot understand but I don’t mind. 

“Good girl.” He hushes.

 I live for those words. 

Two simple words, but they contain every wonderful thing I can think of. 

Voices far away interrupt us and I swivel my head, my ears flickering behind us as my tail stills and my body goes rigid. A low rumble rises in my throat as my eyes follow two foolish humans who are being very loud. They are young, their movements odd and their boisterous vocalizations unpleasing. 

“It’s okay, good girl.” He praises, as I stand at attention ready to protect him from such strange things. But his touch calls me back and I sit against him, my fur against his clothes. 

He is everything. 

I am completely, totally happy.

-Six 2017




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