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how I found pup play

Published 6 years ago

7 barks


I stumbled upon pup play compeltly by accident. I had been subbing for an online Master for about 6 months - he had seen something in me, and suggested that we give pup play a try. Obviously as he was only an online Master - the 1st experince was somewhat surreal. I did not have any gear, and it was a simple as eating some dry cereal from a bowl on the floor, and barking a few times. However there was something in this for me, and my interest had certainly peaked enough to want to do more of it. At this point - Master had me get myself a pup hood and collar - and Pup Spark was born. Unfortunately we hadn't really been able to develop the dynamic much further, when Master suddenly stopped responding to my emails and messages - so I was back to being a stray pup, with very little experience and little knowledge.

3 months later - I found a new Master - now this Master only lived 90 minutes away from me - so it was practical for us to get together, and I had my 1st real-world experinces as a pup. He would put me on a lead, and walk me around the flat. He gave me lots of attention, and played ball with me on every visit. However he was looking for a boi - ratehr than a pet pup - so overtime our needs grew apart, and it became opbvious that we were not looking for the same things - so we decided to part.

This was about 6 months ago - in the past 2 months I have been talking with another potential owner - we have yet to try pup play together - but he has told me today that he wants to make this the main dynamic of our relationship going forward - he can see how important it is to me, and is something that he's very interested in exploring. I'm such a happy pup today, and I just feel like running around the flat loudly barking and wagging my tail. I'm not yet officially owned - but I am very hopefuly of this owner being the one with whom I can reach my full puptential


so keep your paws crossed for me, and if all goes well - I hope to see you at one of the events once we get into 2018 :)





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