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Welcome everyone, to PuppyPride.co.uk!

Published 10 years ago

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So, the first post.

It has been apparent for a while that there is a relatively well connected group of puppies based around the London area who all have connections to pups outside of the region. Puppies have become a common sight around the fetish scene. There are also various puppy-friendly fetish events around the city that provide a bit of an outlet for any pups who attend them. What has been lacking is somewhere centralised for us all to network, find resources, information, events and like-minded individuals throughout the country. To this end, PuppyPride.co.uk was set up.

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing articles from experienced pups and seasoned handlers on a range of subjects including training techniques, healthy puppy foods and pack dynamics. We hope to provide a number of perspectives to provide a balanced set of outlooks for those interested in all aspects of puppy play.

Stay tuned, and be proud to be a pup!



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