Pup looking for Handler/Trainer!

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Published On Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Hey everyone! Pup Virgil here now officially looking for a Handler/Trainer! I have a BF who decided pup play wasn't his thing and told me I could find a handler/trainer. So I decided to look around!

heres about me:

- loyal, very playful, very clingy 2 year old (19 years) boxer puppy!

-I have a hood, tail, paws, collar, harness, and my favorite squeaky toy woof woof

-I am a Trans pup (FtM male pronouns)

-I love playing around and acting silly, not a very fast learner, and I can misbehave sometimes arooo

I love calling and texting a lot so if you don't mind that, perfect!! I'd love to have my own handler who'd show me love and teach me all sorts of tricks! Woof -wags-

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