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Published 6 years ago

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Hello and welcome to my very second blog entry! I though making an entry every two weeks telling about puppy pet play community in point of view of a Spanish female pup.

This time, I'm gonna talk about how I discovered the pup community.

First question: How I discovered it?

Starting from this question, I have to say that puppy pet play community is rare to see in Spain. Is uncommon. There's any footprint of any pups, no kinky stuff on sex shops, there's nothing. Seems that the puppy community isn't still here and people seems away of it. NOTHING! As far as I live in barcelona, a really big city and really open minded, I saw NOTHING about pups, and..where are all the pups? Where's the community here? Where I found this community if there's no evidence of having a Spanish community?

I discovered Pups last year. Since I was born I love dogs, I fascinate and care a lot about dogs, and guess I though it was something in me that was part of their traits. I recognise I' m really loyal, protective and dominant sometimes, but really proud and caring one. One day, I met Ary, my sheppard canarian pup brother, and he told me about the puppy play. I stared at him and asked him what was. And then, he introduced me to the puppy world. At this point, I decided to have a short and non-gendered name, and decided it was H-Pup. Nobody knows what H means, but everyone who know my puppy name asks about what I refer with H!

I first Pup Play into BDSM kinky's bag, but then, when I joined the community, I sw that was going far deeper thant the sexual part, usually the part that people just want to see for pulling you apart if you tell someone that you're to this.

It was funny, because I also met Gaz puppy again, and both talked each other so far away when he was furry. We began talking again and he adopted me as part of his pup gup, and I accepted him as my handler. This is the main backstory about how I discovered it.


Here's the second part and question: developing my identity.

I always get curious about how all of you developed your identity as pup. I'm still working on it, because I'm really new and I'm learning the roles, gear, social media and events still. When I joined, I decided to buy my very own first puppy mask, the one I still wear and some extra gear because yes, I like rubber, leather, and I am into the BDSM world since I was 14. But the most I like is how pretty a pup looks with its gear. This is the pretty outside side. The NSFW side.

The other side -and the most important- is the community. The deep feelings, all you learn here. To be open-minded, accepting, tolerant, is a very inclusive community, and a really funny one! The most important is answering: WHY ARE YOU A PUP. Puppies are happy, friendly,curious, confident, trustful. They live life and are loyal. They have fun, theyarn daily, they need to be trained. They need you because need your company, so pups are social. Pups, are tender. I hardly identify with all of this. I am myself a pup.

But I also discovered the hidden side: sexism into pup community and...that there was no community on my country. Luckily I live near UK, so I can travel to any event when I decide I'm ready to pup out. I talk about spanish situation in my first blog entry, so if you're curious go ahead and read it! Is really interesting!


Third point - and last- : MY ACTUAL SITUATION AS H-PUP

I'm really feel newbie on the community, but I'm feeling part of. I'm still choosing a breeding, but I'm really confused and I can't choose, because I can't identify myself as any special dog breed. I'm finding that some gear is really expansive, and that I want to be the female pup ambassador of the Spanish pup community. I want to give voice to all female pups on here that discover what's this, like it and then feel apart when also discover is a really male community that doesn't take in count us. I'm developing as H-Pup, and yes, I still suck with roles and don't know everything about collaring, gear, and some codes. Is getting sometimes hard for me to socialize because I joined like 2 months ago.

I told my partner about the puppy play community. He first seemed curious and excited, but left it apart some days ago I collared him. And felt somehow disappointed, because I don't want to be a stray dog. There's nothing bad on it, but is hard the one you love doesn't take part on that you like and doesn't understand your feelings. But you like, or not. And I at least tried!

About my daily life as a pup having pup life, because i have to enjoy being a pup alone and hardly have time for it due to university and my internship. No free pup life.


Guess you liked my second blog entry. My third blog entry will talk about my new puppy and first plug dog tail! I l review the product and tell all of you if I recommend it!

PD: I'm sorry I didn't talked about foxes, ponnies or kittens, I want to know more about!





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