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Published On Friday, February 16, 2018
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Hey all,

dating is a very complicated thing for my hooman side. So i try to date with an other doggy and we both made a big mistake: we had dated as hoomans. Not as dogs. 10 % of the conversation was about petplay. The rest was private stuff. 
I enjoyed the date but... it was a bit short. He had other things to do afterwards. It was okay... not. 

My bark side lost its interest in the doggy. My hooman interest to the hooman side of the date rises high in short time. He has beautiful eyes and was a beautiful person. I think, i felt in love to him.
The next days were awesome. He sends me pics (not nudes) with and without doggy mask in the morning and i was happy. but I became increasingly dissatisfied. 
In his messages i couldn't find anything that says: i like you. But why he sends me so cute pictures?

So i ask for a next date, as hoomans. He says yes. I was happy. It seems, he was interested. As the date-day arrives, he cancelled it shortly. It was hard. I planned my day only for this date. 
I fell in a deep whole of depression and sent him a message. I told him about my feelings. I thought he likes me a bit... but the only answer i've got was. "Sorry. No time. Idk what i should say"... since than we don't write again.

This makes me a bit angry. When he only wants to play as dogs, why he didn't took his mask to an date? Why did he tell me so much private stuff? And why does he look so long into my eyes and makes me crazy? And, as most important question, why the fucking hell he says nothing about petplay?

Sometimes, my hooman and my doggy-sides are fusing and the feelings would be shared. My doggy-side has a "love". And my hooman side wishes a love. It feeles so hard to find a partner who accepts both sides. And if you think you've found him, then he drops you, like a hot potato.

Sorry for this depressive post.

A sad Gerry

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