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About your partner and how to react about its rejection of your identity as pup

Published 6 years ago

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Hello and thank you all for reading me again. Here goes H, from Barcelona again!

Some new freshes are barking!
I had a really hard week, mentally and sentimentally.

Today I'm gonna talk about my own situation that really found superlative and...kinda weird.

As far a you pups know I've posted like around 50 photos of myself, a lot were NSFW. When my partner (and Master, my boyfriend) caught me told me that he was really unconfortable that people culd see me naked or find my real identity with them. I found that he was trying to control myself as her girlfriend, but because I don't like him to make the same to me and I respect him, I've erased them, saving lttle ones that were sfw.

I first told him happily that I found this place and some more and was a lot of time trying to find this community because I feel really part off, and is part of me, and also one of my kinks. But suddenly, things got worse and hbegan to misunderstand puppy pet play. I tried to be the more accurate I could explaining what it was. He seemed that though puppy pet play was part of furry fandom and he told me he wanted to stay away of this. I felt really bad, because he's my true master, my lifepartner...and found that he didn't accepted part of myself again. He rejected a part of my identity, of my funny times meeting great pups and people. And also, stared at me with his eyes and told me to never submit ever again any picture without telling him it. This is what I felt: He was controlling my life.

So, lately things started to go on again, at least seemed. I told him I bought a wruffstuff mask, and that I wondered him to take me some photos and he accepted, but asked me if they'll be NSFW, and said no. Staying apart of BDSM also but not accepting puppy pet play, he cepted to take me some photos, becuase I guess he feels guilty of what happened.

Since that day, I considered myself as a stray dog. Because my master isn't really my master, I'm now a lost dog. I really love my partner to take part of my world and enjoy as much as I do, but it really affected me that he rejected me and also stayed away and apart of all of this. How to react to the minderstandings he had? Giving him information, true, reliable one. Explain your feeling to your partner. Explain how much important is for you and appeal to its feelings.

So here we goes the second answer for the question too. (How to react from this unexpected answer?) Take it with calm. As far he or she maybe will not understand or take part, understanding takes time, even doesn't want to take part. Be confident, trustful and explain it what are you feeling too, that you're not disappointed, but that you're opening a part of you to him/her. And you wonder him/her to accept you as you are. Show to him/her what it really is slowly and patientlyand DON'T BOTHER YOURSELF. Be reasonable. Don't follow your instinct feelings like rage, anger or frustration.

The answer for the last question comes by the hand of the last ones. How to express that the one you love is misunderstanding your kink/role/identity?  There's no really a single way to show it to this person because it'll see what it wants to see. Just let him/her give it's time to open its eyes, try to play with him slowlto taking it part of your game, and respect if it wants to stop or tries and doesn't likes.

Because you, pups, deserve respect to your identity and likes, don't give a chance somebody takes you down. Respect, trust, confidence, communication, expression and love. Don't let anybody control you or your kinks, likes, whatever!

This blog gives some counseling for those pups whose partner rejects/doesn't like/takes part/misunderstand puppy pet play and your identity or part of this kink, or just social community you take part of. You're amazing guys, don't let you down your self-esteem. Be patient, keep follow your steps and don't let anybody tell you what to do in your life.

Thank you for reading,



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