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Published On Saturday, April 21, 2018
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This year has not been the nicest to me so far but I'm trying to keep my tail up and keep going onward... My grandmother isn't doing well, and I had one of my pets die, even after trying to safe him (Fizz: comet goldfish 12-13 years old). Most of my closest friends married and moved away.  But I'm gonna stop whimpering (It's not often I vent)


The more I kept thinking, the more I wanted to abandon all my online accounts and do something new.
Like a fresh start. 
Leave all the negative people behind and start again.

But as usual, I'm nervous... I'm always hesitant with changes. It's strange with an empty friends list. 

My new profile on Face book is Dante Gilver with the handler/pup flag as my profile pic. I could use some friends on this new chapter of my life.


This new chapter of my life willbe fuly imerse in my pup side. Joy, belly rubbs, new pups to play with, everything fun under the sun. I want to leave the human stress behind. 


*wags tail*


Update: I truly believe that the universe tries to heal itself, and although there is ALOT of healing to be done, I can see it happen. Work has been been better, my new facebook allowed me to meet SO MANY new pups :D 

AND I have knee pads, a tail, and leather/silicone pup mits on their way :) This is so exciting.Cant wait to show everyone :3

Thank you everyone for being so supportive, I appreciate all your kind words that helpme through each day.

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