Fetch London Returns!

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Published On Sunday, April 19, 2015
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Fetch London Returns!

London's best night for puppies, kitties, and other human pets has returned at a new BIGGER & BETTER venue!

Saturday the 30th of May Eagle London 2pm until 8pm

The event will feature a large padded area to mosh in, puppy themed treats, and lots of toys.

This is a mixed gender and species event, so males, females, dogs, cats, and all others are welcome.

As a mixed species event we expect that the pups may decide chase and bite the cats. If this happens, please don't complain to me if they scratch your pups for it. Come on down and get your tail wagging!


For those of you who have never been to the Eagle, the venue is massive. With over 3000 square foot of space (with over 250sqft of it matted) there is loads of space for all pets to run around and play in. If the weather is nice, there's even an outside decking area that will provide both a smoking area and more play space!

The Eagle is just 2 minutes away from Vauxhall tube (Victoria Line), overground station (SW England to Waterloo), and bus hub. This gives us fantastic transport connections to make it a lot easier to get to.

Dress Code

The minimum dress code for puppies is kneepads and gloves/paws. We consider safety a priority and while there will be a padded area for pets to play in, we want to do everything we can to minimise injuries.

Since a pup mosh can involve some rough play, it is highly advisable for pups to remove any face or ear piercings. Nipple and belly button piercings will be ok underneath rubber or leather, otherwise it is recommended to remove these or cover them with a plaster. Spikes, studs and other things that catch are not recommended.

Any spiked hoods or collars must be removed in the padded area for everyone else's safety.

There is no dress code for non pups, although leather, rubber, and other fetish gear is encouraged.

Club Rules

Photography is not permitted. There will be a photographer on the night and pictures will become available on the website afterwards. Pups are not objects, if they are not yours then ask them before you pet them.

Do NOT pull on a pups tail under any circumstance!

No sexual activity, sorry.


Entry is £10 if bought in advance, or if you have a membership card to any fetish club. Entry is £15 otherwise.

Please e-mail [email protected] to buy your tickets via BACS or PayPal. We will be distributing tickets to various shops in London in the coming weeks.

Why the 30th of May?

We know that there are other events happening on the same day. Unfortunately, we were given a small selection of dates, and this was the only one that gave us enough time to get everything ready before London Pride.

If you are attending one of the other events, we understand.

Why is there a no sex rule?

Pet play isn't about sex, and we know that a lot of pups find it difficult to get into pup space when there are sexual activities happening around them.

However, if you prefer the more sexual side of things, there will be further announcements as we talk to more venues.

London Pride

This year's London Pride is on 27 June. Full details can be found here: http://www.puppypride.co.uk/events/london-pride-2015-55

If you need help finding the location or arranging accommodation, please drop me an email at: [email protected]

After Party?

Depending on how Fetch London goes, we will be holding our after party at the Eagle. If this happens, there is a possibility of getting changed there beforehand, and maybe a BBQ afterwards. If you want this to happen, please turn up on the 30th of May!

Please note: Anyone claiming to be running official events not mentioned on a newsletter, or posted by 'admin' on the Puppy Pride Events list is lying.


FetishBound - London

FetishBound takes place on the second Friday of each month from 7pm till 11pm at The Underground Club beneath Central Station.

Entry is £10 with a reduction for pass holders.

It has a friendly atmosphere and normally has 3-6 puppies there every night. With a padded area devoted to pet play with beds and toys, it's a great place to go.

This is a male only event. www.fetishbound.co.uk

Fun Loving Pets - Reading - June 13

A new monthly event in Reading, no dress code and everyone is welcome. http://www.puppypride.co.uk/events/fun-loving-pets-67


Know of any other pup events happening? Get the organisers to add them to the Puppy Pride website here: http://www.puppypride.co.uk/profile/manage-events/edit-event and we might mention them in the next email!

Website Updates?

Sorry for no recent updates, we've been busy getting the event details finalised. However, the next update will be huge and we know you'll all love it!

Pet you all soon! Kye Etherton

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