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Published On Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Tags: Outdoors
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Although a bit belated, I recently acquired some pictures of my first outing outside in pup gear. This reminded me of the experience and hence the further ramblings.

I was out doing pup things (as you do) with Puppypride/Kye and pup Soarin, when the opportunity came up to go outside. This being the first time for such an event it was naturally produced a nervous feeling, but also a sense of excitement. That and being in a group (5 of us although only 2 of us were pupping) helped get me off my tail and pad outside. Walking outside in full gear, feeling the fresh air on my… latex, was quite an experience. Further more having a leash attached to my collar and being tugged along made it all the more… fun.

My first pup interaction with the public I don’t think I’ll ever forget: an old couple was walking by just as we came out, the man hardly noticed us but the woman turned and looked “happily surprised” (a bit hard to describe). Furthermore she called back to someone behind a corner “Come look at this!” to which a little girl (I presume granddaughter, about 3 or 4) trotted around and looked in awe at us. Quickly followed by her parents, who seemed to have equal awe with perhaps a more understanding of what was going on, the family was quite something to behold (which is saying something from the fully rubbered pup on a chain).

A little bark and a wag, we were off as we continued about our business. Walking around (most of the time on all fours… pups after all), everyone in the near vicinity looked. Some stopped (which usually followed by us barking at them), some pointed and some even spoke to us (“Nice… pups” etc). There was a particular person at the end who came up barking at us.

All in all it was a great time, not only does being outside in the open have its own innate feeling but the interaction with people was just an awesome experience. I hope to do it again sometime.

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