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So I'm quite new to pup play and have been trying to make a point of being active on the forums as well as irc, anyway after reading a bunch of old thread I eventually decided to buy my first item of gear. I decided on some Knee pads and will soon be getting some sparing glove or paws I think. The pads I got are "POLICE & ARMY SECURITY STYLE ANTI RIOT PROTECTIVE LEG PADS" they protect the top of the foot and the shin as well as the knee. I personally find them extremely comfortable & easy to get on and off, they do not travel as much as other knee pads I have worn in the past, but then again these have four straps and buckles per pad so there is not really any reason for them not to stay in place once they are correctly adjusted. With them being riot gear there built to take a beating so durability shouldn't be an issue. I feel that the price was not a bad at £29.99 including tracked postage and packaging.

I relies that they may not look the most comfortable thing in the world on the photo showing the inside of them, With the metal studs protruding inwards, but the studs do not make contact with the leg or the shin and they are in fact very comfortable despite how they appear on the inside. I can actually fit my fingers between my leg and the studs so there is no reason to worry about them causing discomfort. Another thing I feel I need to address with my pads if the foot guards. I think I may need to add a strap to them to keep them from swigging about and getting in the way when I'm getting onto all 4's

So for those of you interested in where i got them here is the link

So yeah that's my first bit of gear and I'm looking forward to getting lot's of use out of them, I also can't wait to get some more gear and get to some events and meet some of you lovely pups.


small note to anyone considering buying a pair of these the buckles go on the inside of the legs it to do with the shaping, there far more comfortable like that. I kept getting the first one half done up and twigging that so i though id just mention that here and save you making my mistake lol



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