First pupiversary - part 1

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Published On Sunday, December 22, 2019
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Today is officially my first pupiversary. In this time I have many wonderful experiences and met some amazing friends, puppers and handlers. I thought this would be a good time to reflect on my pup ventures so far.

It all began when I was first exploring the the world of pup play and wasn’t sure how to get into it. Luckily I reach out to a few pups on social dating apps and had some positive responses. Casper (from Sweden) helped me find out more about the pup stuff and introduces me to the website and even informed me of a pup social meet occurring very soon in Cardiff. I also chatted with another pup (Jasper) who was also planning on attending the meet having returned to Wales from a while away. 

I was apprehensive about the first pup meet but came through it having met some amazing pups and a really good experience and also my pup name. Until that meet I had no idea what it would be but conversation and suggestions made at the meet had allowed led to the birth of YOLO. [I am writing a separate blog on my first pup experiences and events leading to it]

Having been so engaged with the experience I brought my first set of pup stuff when I went home that day but had to wait until after Christmas for it to arrive.

I was so desiring to engage more with this pup play meet and other pups and so I went to the PupOut meet in London in January and met even more amazing pups and handlers. Afterwards I called into another pup I had been speaking to on the way home.

It was around this time I was also talking to a pup in the North (Bune). From him I had discovered about MRM long weekend.

This I made plans to attend MRM and also purchased some rubber suitable for my pupsona too.

In the meantime I continued to attend the monthly pup meets in Cardiff where I met other puppers I hadn’t yet.

It was during this early time of the year that I met a friend, Karl, who has been a keen supporter and good friend during the year. Encouraging and maintained an interest in my pup activities and their progress.

I also visited Kennel Klub during the first few months as well and was able to meet Bune in person for the first time. Bune was just as genuine a pupson in the flesh as digitally.

I went to Manchester for the MRM weekend and got to meet Bune again and some new puppers too. MRM was not without its slight sad moments for me. Although it was the first instances of wearing rubber and a delight to meet so many people who enjoy wearing it proudly, it was at this event that I unfortunately lost my first hood that I had ordered just a few months before. Despite the help of the pup community and organisers unfortunately it has remained lost forever.

To be continued in part 2

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