Finding my inner Pup

Published 3 years ago

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When it comes to adapting to the pup lifestyle, I think it's different for everyone, when I first saw pups and furries I instantly thought, "nope, too weird for me", but then last year at a big gay event, I saw a small group in their pup gear, they were having a great time and to be honest, they were all very cute and it just put a smile on my face.

Since then I started looking into pup play, watching documentaries, YouTube channels and joined Facebook groups, then I decided to buy a hood of my own.

When it arrived I put it on the table and just stared at it for a while, wondering why I bought it, but then I picked it up, slipped it on and went to the mirror...I was instantly hooked, I could finally see the appeal, I was this whole other individual and I loved it, it was almost like a huge confidence boost, I felt cute and powerful.

After that I started using my new look on my dating apps, and of course the response was mixed, some calling me weird, some just laughing at me and leaving...really? Slow day? But then were the guys who were truly fascinated, who wanted to learn more, and better still, the ones that were already pups that popped up and were so happy to have found another, before long I had a pack of 3 and I was and still am, the alpha.

I am loving this path I am on, and I'm attending my first big pup event next month, so I am truly excited, and I am about to embark on a YouTube comedy channel, staring myself "Dominix" reviewing everything under the sun but in true pup fashion.

The point is, I have always found it difficult to fit in, to find who I was, yet the moment I put on that hood, my finger-less leather gloves and other attire, and transform into Dominix, I know exactly who I am, and I love it.



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