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Hello everyone!

I go by Aiden but please call me pup or puppy as I don't an official name for my puppy self yet. I'm new to the scene, and really to this site ^^;; over the last few years (I'd say probably around 5 years or so) I noticed the puppy play community more and more. I am a furry and I do draw things! I have been drawing NSFW stuff on FurAffinity for many years now but as time went by I felt a little jealous about the people who had suits and I came across puppy play, and the hoods were just so cute!

A little backstory.

I've always acted like a dog.. my family used to see me as 'embarassing' for it because when I was a kid (and even into my teen years!) I would draw spots all over and act like a dog (You know, run around barking and wagging my tail and whatnot) but I never imagined to see other people doing it too! Of course I was made fun of and told to grow up and everything and there for a while, I just stopped until 2013 when I channeled my inner pup by buying a light up minty green collar, from there on I continued to bark and just be what I thought was a "furry".

My self (human)

I feel a little nervous and anxious with this part, my main problem is I want to be accepted but I'm very afraid that because of my biological gender that I would be denied. I am biologically female, intact parts and all but I'm actively seeking a therapist to help change me into the male I really feel like I am - so I am a trans-male puppy! I am also overweight (I kind of have the "bear" body type) and even though I am biologically female, I am hairy, I have a trail on my stomach. I used to think growing up that something was wrong with me and my mother was severely concerned about it. Needless to say she embarassed me. Alongside my gender issue, I also suffer from a lot of mental issues and have been off my medication for 6 months now due to lack of insurance. I am clinically diagnosed to have: PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and Schizophrenia. 

As time goes by, I hope to be a good part of this community - to learn and grow and be helpful to others while also meeting other puppy's and learning about their experiences. Being a puppy is new to me, but it already helps me so much. I feel so comforted when I wear my collar and especially my hood, I'm also grateful for my partner who sees nothing wrong with me and thinks I'm super attractive (especially when I'm a puppy!). 

Now enough about myself! Please tell me how you guys are and how your experiences are! I would love to get to know more puppys like me! 


I'm new, I'm a fat hairy trans-boy and I'm looking for friends. :3




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