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Hi everyone, Cash here.

I'm new to the puppy play community - and am very nervous....very nervous.

I've known about puppy play for a couple of months now, one or two at least, and it fascinates me so much. When I was a kid I'd run around on all fours, bark, and play - to know that there is a community for that in the adult world is....really cool.

I live in lower New Zealand - which is pretty lonely as I know 0 people who are into pet play, or would even humor me with letting me be myself.

I'm a transgender male (ftm), but haven't started hormones yet. I suffer from social anxiety, depressive mood, suicidal thoughts, gender dysphoria and species dysphoria.

Due to the nature of my.....unique identity and personality....I don't often talk to people. I only have a few friends and I try and keep most of my identity hidden to them, or it just makes them very uncomfortable. I'm also worried I'll be judged on this site too - as I'm only 18 (19 in April) and very very short.

I'm very lonely - and when my counsellor told me about this site (she's the only one I talk about my interest in Puppy Play because she is the only one who doesn't judge me) it took me a few days to join due to insecurity and the unknown.

I'm new to pet play, and the kind scene in general. I haven't had much luck in relationships and so I don't really know anything about this side of me, though I am curious.

I don't know - maybe I just want reassurance that I won't be attacked for my 'out-there-ness'.

Glad to be trying to delve into this community - which might be able to help me make friends, or at least feel less alone.



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