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Published On Sunday, February 9, 2020
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Hello everyone! My pup name is Echo and I am new to pet play. I am actually a handful of pets but I mostly just personify my pup headspace. I actually got into puppy play by my boyfriend. He is my alpha and we met on Telegram. I first learned about pup play because my boyfriend's profile picture showed him in his puphood.

I am a female pup and my pup hood is a pink Mr. S hood. I am 18, and I am pansexual. Also, I live in the United States. I have had sex in my hood before but I mostly use it as a way to cope with my anxiety. The pup head space helps me calm down and be less afraid of my surroundings. I love meeting other pets and making new friends. I joined this site when I first found out about it.

Like I mentioned before, I am not just a human puppy. I am also a kitten and a pony, and maybe other pets. Thank you for taking your time to read this! I hope y'all have a good day/evening!

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