Story time - attending your first pup event

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Published On Sunday, March 8, 2020
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Anyway, My names luke (or Luka, whichever you prefer) and I have been into kink all my life, with emphasis on pet-play. I had only recently heard of puppy play, so out of a deep intriguing interest I was determined to attend my first pup event in Cardiff. The venue (The eagle) was familiar to me, as were a small number of local regulars. But nothing could have prepared me for what was to come, nor the immensity of how much I enjoyed myself. When I walked in I was welcomingly greeted by a number of people. Young as well as the matured, The staff and some locals, but most pleasing to my eyes were the pups and handlers. Honestly, all The puppies looked so cute! I can not begin to list how many had squeezed into that small bar that afternoon, all dressed, some hooded, and some on all fours playing in the ball pit set up at the far side of the bar. It was nice to mingle amongst these, and dare I say, I think I have fallen in love with the atmosphere. After A while (and a few pints :D) I had talked, stroked, rubbed and even fed a few pups.  Troilus was also there with his pup. We became acquainted and talked a little. His pup (latexpupneo) was an adorable, well-trained pup, and I thank them both for their friendly association.

After a while I grew hungry and went out for a bite to eat. Up to this point I had been wearing my leather collar, and I was determined to wear it throughout the night. Unfortunately, Cardiff was a hustle and many 'Vanilla' (for the want of a better word) people had swarmed Cardiff for the Wales vs England rugby match. To my shame, I let a few stares get the better of me and I took my collar off. After having a meal with an old friend I returned to the bar. However, some at the event had noticed that I had taken my collar off! I have never self so ashamed at myself for doing this. It continues to haunt me even still. Why did I ever let it get to me. I'm sure my confidence will grow in future, but I reasoned these were exceptional circumstances and that it was my first event.

After A good long while I went to explore the other facilities of the Eagle. Only adjacent to the road they had a gay only sauna, fitted with jacuzzis', showers, steam rooms, saunas and rest areas. What I did not expect though were the private booths, the glory holes, stocks, wall frames and slings :D). I felt like I had just walked though the wardrobe into Narnia. The place was awesome! Lit with colourful low-key lighting, warm inviting activities, and porn being played on every monitor. I tried my dambnest to stay chaste, but with the advancements of a few individuals I succumbed.  I probably spent nearly 2 hours there before I had to rush off (With great difficulty) to catch the last train back to my flat. I thank all those who were their at the time (if you are reading this), and would want you to know I really enjoyed myself.

In reflection though, I must admit the environment created by the venue was nice. Everybody was friendly and open which made for a great first impressions. However, compared to other experiences and pictures from other events It comes across that this venue was rather small. I look forward to attending other larger events in the future. Hopefully with a lot more gear and confidence. Thanks to all who talked to me and to the staff for hosting the event. For a first event I think it went really well. I hope to see you all at other future events (and If you have any recommendations please let me know!

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