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Changing Your Username

Published 8 years ago

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Many people have asked us for a method to change their username. After a while, it's done! We've now added a way for you to do it yourself instead of having to email us. Just go to www.puppypride.co.uk/profile/edit-account-details (accessible through settings).

You can only change your username once every 30 days and you'll see a timer to let you know when you can change your username again.

Group Photo Prints

Following many requests, we have decided to print this year's group photo as posters, and limited edition canvas prints. We've kept the price as low as possible while ensuring that we have a fantastic quality product.

For prices and details, please see the page on the Puppy Pride website: www.puppypride.co.uk/posters-prints/group-shot-2015

Discounts can be made if you want multiple prints. Prints will be delivered before the end of the month if ordered soon.

If you would like a poster or canvas print of one of your own pictures, we can do that as well: www.puppypride.co.uk/posters-prints . We can print anything that's legal!



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