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Published On Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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1: First and foremost, Who might you be for those of us that do not know?

Name's Vielle, a happy-go-lucky pup born and raised in the good'ol Göteborg! 19(20 in november! woot woot) living with my roommate who doesn't know of my sins hahaha. Love meeting new people/pups, staying at home being a lazy ass and cooking. I also love metal way too much. 
PS check out Adept, they're awesome ;)

2: For how long have you been involved within the Puppyplay community?

Hmmmm~ For around half a year now maybe? Maybe a little more! I started out as a handler and played around with lots of pups and after a while i just kinda had to get my own hood! They're just too great and cute!

3: What drew you in? and what made you stay?

I got dragged into it by Pup Alex. In Göteborg there's puppy meets and i got pulled to one of em and loved the people way too much and went to every single one after that. So i've gotta say the community itself is what made me stay since they're wonderful, WEIRD but wonderful. And the cute dogs. Of course.

4: What aspect of our community do you find most appealing?

Well again, the community. Even if its wonky as hell i love it. There's not much more i can say about it that hasn't already been said in the other interviews. It's filled with caring, loving, down to earth people.
Also the fact that you can just kind of forget about the world for a while when pupping out, just play and cuddle. Makes me warm and fuzzy(could also be because you lowkey have a heatstroke in these hoods)
The more sexual sides are a pretty neat bonus too heh!

5: Do you have any role models within the Puppyplay community?

Everyone! You, You and especially You! 
If i have to choose someone specific then i might have to go with Pup Zero! They really helped me out in the start. To the BDSM community in general to be honest. If you're reading this then you know exactly what you have done to be my role model, keep it up! love ya boo.
And for you who don't know who Zero is! Imagine a Big bear momma but like...a dog. Dog momma, who helps everyone they can and loves men in uniforms way too much. AKA the most lovable and huggable person ever. (I can go on and on about why they're great but i'm writing this 2 in the morning, i wanna sleep okay)

6: Where do you see yourself within our cummunity in a years time?

Where i see myself in the Cum-munity? Heh not sure if this is a typo or intentional but i thought it was way too funny. 
I'll most definitely still be in the community and still loving it. Just with way more gear. And way more broke. 
I'll be doing my best to give back to the community that i love as much as i can. Even if it is answering a interview in the most unprofessional way ever!(My fault by the way) Thanks for having me and have a wonderful day! 

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