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Published 3 years ago

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This month I will be introducing you guys to puphomski! one of the community managers at Puppyplay swedens official discord server!

1: First and foremost, Who might you be for those of us that do not know?

I'm Homski! A Delta pup living in a coastal town called Falkenberg. And as most of you in the community knows, I'm also Foxrich's lover, one of the few pup couples in Sweden.

2: What is the story behind your pup name? 

Well, it's actually based off of my nick name which is Homer or Cmdr.Homer, during the time I played SWTOR in 2012, someone kept calling me Homski, I thought that might be a good pup name for me and its actually an original one too.

3: For how long have you been involved within the Puppyplay community?

About 2 years now, I first joined an American / international pup play community discord server and made a few friends from there, then I began my search for the Swedish Puppy Play community and randomly found SwePAH in October-November 2019, and around that time was also the time Foxrich found me, who's also a lovely pup.

4: What drew you in? and what made you stay?

After I came out as gay in early 2019, a friend of mine (who is now a pup) from Belgium visited and one day showed me a pics of puppy play, and I found it really hot and cute at the same time, so I took a deep dive into the world of puppy play, found friends, communities and love, that's what made me stay.

5: What aspect of our community do you find most appealing?

To get into pup space with other pups in fun pup moshes, socializing and cuddling with other friendly pups. And when you really need it most pups tend to help eacother through difficult times. 

6: Do you have any role models within the Puppyplay community?

Pretty much everypup within the community, although the ones I talk to the most tend to provide me with some guidance, from gear, BDSM, fetish to relationship and mental health advices.

7: Where do you see yourself within our community in a years time?

I'll probably continue converting, gaterhing new pups to our community and hopefully find more puppies within Halland region to start a pup event. And I'll also continue loving my puppy bf too :3.

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