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Published On Tuesday, September 8, 2020
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Love it or loathe it - Eurovision is my life.

It's the one true thing I adore and can't wait for every year. Imagine my extreme disappointment this year when it was cancelled due to covid. OMG my world fell apart.

Now my love for Eurovision happened (a long time ago was it?) in 1981 when I experienced my first one. The darlings of the UK, Bucks Fizz, took their velcroing crown and won for my home nation (well, Scotland isn't allowed to take part because we are part of the UK - sucks but one day). This forged an unlikely alliance between a 7 year old and a new musical world of fabulous. And people wonder why I am gay!!!

So, years have passed and here we are...finding new musical talents every year from a TV programme. To think, stars like ABBA and Celine Dion may not be where they are today if it wasn't for this little show.

Now, as the show was cancelled this year, they decided to still honour the songs which were to have represented their nations. They released all songs on cd/digital download/streaming and had a show which was more than underwhelming. In my own honest opinion, they should have just held the contest remotely which they are doing for kiddie Eurovision (blah).

At least the movie was amazing. Thank you Will Ferrell and Neflix for that. Stand out tracks are Husavik, Double trouble, Eurovision Song a Long and Jaja Ding Dong! But, the whole soundtrack is awesome and if Husavik doesn't get the nod for best song at the Oscars then something is well wrong.

But, the sad things is, there was 2 countries who may have notched up their first wins - Iceland and Lithuania who both had earworms of a well as the ultimately catchy and kooky Uno by Little Big who were to represent Russia.

I hope there are other Europuppies out there who love the show...well I know there are, I seen some on Euro fetish 2020 (Waterloo much?)

Sorry for rambling  on.

Love Love Peace Peace

T x

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