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Published On Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Growing up, I very much wanted to be a guardian of earth.  I was constantly trying to understand why people were doing what they were doing to their home planet. I used to get into heated debates on what I considered to be common sense, i.e. look after the home you live in.  The answer was always the same - that's human nature.  I went into Nature Conservation,  vowing that I would make a difference for this world we live in. And I did, on a small scale and way too briefly - I was fortunate to become involved in environmental programmes for schools. I felt I had found my purpose in my dream career until that sadly came to an abrupt end.

Fast track forward, life happened as it usually does and I forgot myself until one day when I was introduced to a human pup, who inadvertently reminded me of my own core nature of unconditional love and joy. My pup side loves the outdoors and enjoys each moment for the moment without agenda. I feel most at peace when I connect to her. And I've come to realise that sharing those moments with others tends to brings them into the peace and joy that I'm feeling. But its not all roses and squirrels, it can be hard work sometimes to let go, to get out of my human mind and into my body where pup    thrives.

My need to be of service compliments my natural little pup nature that is the core of my heart.  I'm playful,  adventurous, loyal, obedient to a point, and always curious. This had me leaning towards the temperament of Dobermann. But during this last year, I've had to rely heavily on the independent and fearless spirit of Wolf to keep going forward. So I consider  myself a wolf pup, untrained and non-domesticated. I'm still exploring this side of me and what it means.

I named myself Cane after the implement/toy used for discipline purposes.  In the right hands, this understated tool becomes an elegant, beautiful work of craftsmanship. I believe that with the right handler, I would become the best version of me, a wolf pup trained to be of service and protection, representing her master with  the disciplined grace and elegance in the field. And more importantly, to share the playfulness and joy that pup brings to me.

Unconditional love is a natural core value of human nature. We tend to forget or become lost in all the business of this new chaotic environment we have created for ourselves. I've remembered my original dream of being guardian of our home. I recognise that each moment  is  a step forward on a global scale. I want to remind you that human nature is a good thing and it shines through the joy of being pup. Let your inner pup get out and about for a better home world.


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