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Published On Thursday, August 13, 2015
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We're making some wall decorations for events we sponsor and want something that will represent the community. That's why we're getting YOU to help us design them!

We want to cover the walls with paw prints and would like you to make them. Everyone who submits a paw will get it printed! For full instructions, and an optional template, click here:

Write For Chocolate!

Puppy Pride is proud to announce the start of its writing competitions. Each fortnight will have a new theme, and a tag you'll have to use to enter the competition. The winner will be announced two weeks after the competition ends.

We will also be awarding prizes to the runner up and honourary prizes for ones we consider the best in certain areas.

The first competition theme is: An ideal day in the life of a pup (or other human pet)

This can be fact or fiction, as possible or far-fetched as you like. Once you've written your story just add it here with the tag Ideal Day and you'll be in for the chance to win a box of Cadbury chocolates!

You have until Friday 28th August so get writing!

Website Updates

Blogs can now have custom tags. Filtering now works on blogs. Bug fix on image folders with a '.' in their name not opening.

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