New pup saying hi.

Published 1 year ago

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I wanted to just say hi to everyone and just say I am so glad to be stepping into this community. I have already talked to a few cool pups and everyone is really understanding. I say this because I do battle with anxiety and it makes it hard to be social. Being a very social pup that can be challenging. To use this community to break that cycle is liberating.

I won't lie that I am still learning how to be a pup. Looking for locals near me to help teach me and bond. I find being a pup a real exploration into myself. Sometimes at night I just put my collar and hood on and just be puppy. Granted sometimes it makes me miss my Alpha, who is my best friend, but that's ok.

So please feel free to message me wether your local, far away, or just want to chat and nerd out. I'm a big nerd. Just please either message me here first before we talk on Telegram or at least make sure you let me know where you know me from. I get very quick to block people on telegram if they don't tell me where they know me. Not just because of my anxiety but I have had some bad experiences. Can't wait to meet you all.



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