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Published 8 years ago

5 barks


Today is a good day. After waking I lift myself off the soft cushion bellow, taking deep breaths of the morning air. A gentle fresh breeze wafts through, juxtaposed by the familiar, ever-present musk from latex and sweat. Once on my knees I pause, lift my left leg and stretch it out back. Cold streams streak down sending slight shivers through. Repeating with the other leg, a quick shake is added while outstretched. The motion is reciprocated in a small tail protruding from the uniform blackness. More liquid drips through the creases of the tight rubber encasing my body, some find an exit and get flung to the closest surface.

Today is a special day, thinking to myself as stretching completes. Sitting with my knees down and paws in front I look over what is my body, though the black latex suit with blue accents covering it would appear alien to most. Then again most probably wouldn’t want to spend any period of time as a human pup. Lifting up a paw, I admire the flowing reflection of light change with every movement, bringing it to in front of the muzzle created by the hood locked on me. Though some vision is restricted I can clearly see the rubber paw and the bold blue paw print on the bottom. Slowly rotating it around I flex the hand it surrounds, though the rubber fights back and keeps its capture firm. Though not visible to the outside world, a smile forms under the mask.

Today I am a pup. Looking around the familiarities of my room are visible though canny from this perspective, the underneath of a desk is not a usual sight. Though muffled through the thick rubber I hear covers move and the thud of something large moving. Instinctively turning to the bed my eye level barely reaches above the mattress, though the figure of a human slumped on the edge is obvious. My boyfriend’s arm drapes over the edge, dangling tantalisingly close. Being fully awake I can’t resist padding toward it and upon reaching his hand nuzzling into it. Though it is limp it still produces a warm glow through me. I love being petted and this is my favourite hand to be petted with.

Today my boyfriend is my handler and as he slowly stirs from his slumber I crawl up towards his head. His eyes open lethargically and he’s greeted with two brown eyes staring at him, accented by black surroundings. I can see the processing occurring, though after only a few seconds he pulls the slumped arm up and places it between the moulded ears extending from my hood. A quick rub is all it takes for me to start wagging, the sound of it occasionally hitting the floor clearly audible.

“Today is a big day isn’t it pup?” he utters in a excited yet rhetorical tone, for he knows the only response he will receive: “ARF!” He smirks and scritches behind my left ear then levers himself to sit on the edge of the bed. Present with the opportunity I pounce on his lap burring deep into him. I like this place; it smells nice, is warm and feels safe. He lets me rest there for a while before pulling on my collar, dragging me away with a whimper. Reaching to the bedside table he claims the leash hanging and attaches it to the front D-ring. It makes a jingle as it hits the tags on my collar.

Today I have my best collar on. Over the years I’ve acquired a few from the first one I bought at the pet store to the lockable steel band they fulfil different purposes. This time I’m wearing my hexagon collar, so called because of the orange leather hexagon patches sewn around it and a hexagon nametag to match. Naturally I loved this collar, probably my favourite item of all my pup gear. I felt a tug from it and followed the direction obediently out of the bedroom and toward the kitchen. Inside I was leased to the table in the middle while food was prepared. It wasn’t extraordinary; there isn’t much finesse you can apply to food in a dog bowl. We’d clearly slept in as pasta with a mascarpone sauce, not a typical breakfast dish, was placed on the floor in front of me. Once unclipped and given the command to dive in I wolfed down the food, it was nice enough and easy to eat through a muzzle but was slightly messy. Once he had finished his own pasta up on the table, my boyfriend leaned down and wiped the hood clean with a few extra scritches for good measure. After untying the leash he reattaches it to my collar and with a tug we head out of the kitchen toward the door.

Today we’re going for walkies! I bark excitedly as the door opens and bound quickly into the outside world as soon as the gap becomes wide enough. However there is a sharp reminder of the leash controlling me as I’m harshly pulled back. “Someone’s eager aren’t they Hexyc” boyfriend comments as he turns around to lock the door. I wait impatiently, trying to pass the time by listing to the outside. Birds in the trees sing their song; commonly a taunt to me while I’m trapped behind the glass of windows, though now I am closer in physical presence the chance of chasing one is still slim. All I can hope is my fixed gaze and deep growl petrifies one to fall down at my paws, but after no such luck I drift to view the vista before me. The rolling hills speckled in the distance with tiny white woolly dots, walls creating a green patchwork, the idyllic scene is perfect for a country pup. Boyfriend says perhaps one day I’ll become a “sheep” dog, but that sounds like hard work. I don’t want to eat grass, wear an itchy woollen jumper and have to make that silly baarbaaric sound.

“Today’s weather is great isn’t it?” a gruff voice punctuates the calm quite. Distinctly recognisable as Edd, our next-door neighbour, it comes from just over the hedge bordering the garden. Standing upright he clearly towers over a crawling pup such as myself, though his presences is far but menacing. A small yip escapes my maw and a wide smile grows on Edd’s face, while he bends behind the fence to retrieve something on the ground. Rising again he holds a ball, a yellow tennis ball. “I hear it’s someone’s special day pup. Is that right?” I move from sitting to a ready position, tail clearly wagging and arfing several times. “I thought so, does boy want a present? Does he, does he want a gift?” A final excited bark is a clear signal to which he launches the ball over the hedge and I launch after. Again I am jerked back by the collar, though I do not give up, straining against the bond. I feel a click and the push of my boyfriend’s hand as I am freed and run after the ball. Collecting it I return and contently sit next to where Edd and my boyfriend are now conversing in idle chat, though I am occupied enough with my ball. After a bit I am called to heel and we set off.

Today’s outing went by so quickly; it feels like we just left. May be it was that time spent chasing the squirrels or the stick I found that sunk the time but the approaching sunset and dimming light reinforces the need to return home. We enter and I’m let off the leash, immediately allowing me to scamper away. I’m in my basket in the living room as my boyfriend passes by the archway. Turning to look at me he grins, clearly admiring his pup “What a cute boy, I hope you’ve had a good outing. Just you wait here I’ve gotta get something.”

Today is my birthday and as my boyfriend returns to the living room he holds a metal bowl, recognisable as my food bowl. I sit up, eyes fixed as he stoops down to place the bowl in front of me. It is filled with a slice of chocolate cake, covered in chocolate buttons. A lone-lit candle is placed in the centre. “Here you go boy, blow it out and make a wish.” I obey with haste, thinking hard about my wish as the flickering candle is snuffed. It was hard to come up with something given all my wishes had come true today, but I managed. “Good boy, now dive in!”

Today was a good day, I think as I pad towards the bedroom with a messy chocolate covered muzzle. Today was a good day and I can’t wait for the night.



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