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Published 2 years ago

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im new to forums,,, sowwyyyyyyyyy,,, but i wanted to share something nice w other pets,,,,

my new Owner is new to bdsm n petplay n everything but he is sooooo understanding <333 i had been a stray for a loooooong time now,,, i had an owner for like a year but we were long distance n he was kindaaaaa abusive bleeeehhhhh,,, so after 2020, i had been officially a stray ueeeeee;;;;;

in laaaate 2021 i met Owner n he was,,, wwwoooowwwwieeee,, so perfect,,, not only did he get me mentally n emotionally n sexually but,,, he also understood my wants n needs as a sub n (most importantly) a pup,,, tbh i have been slowly showing him my kinks n stuff about bdsm, meanwhile he has been showing me the lovey dovey side of things n that makes me happy

today Owner did something unexpected!! he was very active in getting me into puppyspace!! he even growled in my ears and kept saying how i belong to him,,, wowowowowowow 

anywayyyyy im just a happy pup w an amazing Owner n i wanted to share w other pups,,,,,, pls dont b meaaaaaaan;;;;;



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