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Choosing a new look

Published 1 year ago

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Back in 2019/2020 I used to post blogs like this regularly, and it really helped me get to the crux of some of my growth as a pup, so heck, a lot has changed since then, and new things are on my mind, so if anyone ever reads this, enjoy a new problem!
To summarise two years, 

I'm now going to events regularly, something I had hoped to start pre-lockdown but that never happened.
I have access to a whole pack of wholesomeness and support.
Building an actual pup outfit
Stumbling across a bad face from my past and having to not panic as every memory is bought back up...
I'll be going to my first pride as a pup in only a months time.
It is all very exciting and stressful, and exactly what I used to write these posts about.
But that isn't what I am going to write about this time. 

Instead, I want to put out there some difficulties I have been having about my pup hood, because anyone who has met me, which is actually viable now, my current hood, the one likely still in my profile picture unless I actually start using this site properly again (which I should), is old.
I got it back in Septmber 2019, a cheap one off amazon, and wrote a whole post about it back then, I should really give that another read before I tred back on the same ground. reads old blog (https://www.puppypride.social/blogs/287/waiting).  Turns out I did already say a lot of what I wanted to. Irrespective, to summarise part of. Back then I let my partner pck my colour, I had wanted a yellow hood, but my logic was I wouldn't see it so it was better he liked it. But something I never touch on since is how much that hood has become part of my identity. To the extent that now it is falling apart I am almost heart broken about the idea of getting a new one. 

I have two options, I could get a new cheap hood, go as close to my original one as I can, saves money, would likely be quicker, and I would be happy with what I get, probably.
Or I can invest in something that better reflects me as I see myself now, incorporating new colours, getting one that will be higher quality and last longer. (I seem to be the exception that mine has lasted as long as it has.) But how do you even design something like that (on an emotional level) there are so many small details all in flux. (I'm mainly looking at the MrS K9 hoods.)
At least the ears are easy, Puppy ears, with the colour (red and yellow) on the inside, the right one being folded down, while left stands tall to attention.
My nose, which will be a very welcome new feature that I can't get cheap, will be black textured. And that is where my aweness ends.
The muzzle and face will incorporate, Red, Orange, Yellow, all the warm colours, and then either grey or black as a base, but I do like the smooth texture, it is a little more dark dark grey than black which I like a lot, but then I can't colour the crownl. But the nylon black or grey, which thanks a certain very cute puppy (who will slightly hate that he is just so damn adorable especially in his new hood) I have now had a look at, is darker, actually black, but you can then have the crown being a different colour.
I am clearly rambling at this point, but, what about the muzzle details though. The jowls looks cool, but my main issue with the Frisky style of hoods is that without the chin strap they look much wider too me, is the jowl just going to make it more bulky. Additionally, the whiskers feel like what I'd want on paper, but any sketchs I have observed (thank you https://k9hood.com/ ) it just doesn't look right to me, and I am starting to lean back to just the 7 holes. Then having a different colour on the lip or bridge adds nice depth, but could the colours clash too much? I currently have seven designs and increasing that I seem to cycle through of what I think is right for me, and sadly I can't afford multiple.
I've not even got into deciding if it should match, or how closely could match the (what I guess approximates) artwork I have drawn of myself as a dog.

Moving on, because that is quite the wall of text, I know whatever I get I will love it, because that is what happend last time, so does all this stress even matter? I'll still be sat by the door waiting for a package, debating if I terrify the postman by not taking off my current one when it arrives. Has anyone else had such a conundrum? I would really rather not get what in my head should be as close to a forever hood as can get, only to get a different one in 2 months or less. All the wags licks and woofs to anyone who gets here x
Z (zed)
A Sleepy Pup.

(Also what the actual heck, I have been a pup for nearing 3 years, even if you exclude the ages it took me to decide I was a pup, and should try talking to other pups)



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