Puppy Pride is 10!

Published 11 months ago

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10 years ago, after sitting down from a Pride in London parade, someone said to me something along the lines of "There's no good websites for UK pups to get in contact. You're a web developer, you should make one."

And so I registered Puppy Pride as a company, named after our parade group name, and started building a website to allow pups to have simple profiles, share events, and message each other.

We also set up a pup event in London at a local LGBT bar, making it what I believe was the first dedicated pup event in the UK.

There were no big plans, no agenda's, just the need to let pups connect with each other, in a safe environment that didn't otherwise exist in the UK at that time.

We had 397 users by the end of the first year, mostly from the UK, and was expecting it to grow about that size every year.

Now, after 10 years we're almost at 12,000 accounts! That's an insane numbers considering there's just 1 person running the company!

Lots of other things have changed since we started, with a group of a dozen in the Pride in London parade, and never really seeing pups in parades in the UK, to pups now numbers hundreds in some parades around the world.

I hope that the global pup community continues to grow, and go from strength to strength, and I hope that Puppy Pride can continue to help it do so.

We're proud of all the events we have supported around the world over the past decade, from countries all over the world, and we plan on supporting as many as we can going forward.

Lots has been done, and there's lots more to do.

So please enjoy the new updated social network that has been released today, and the anniversary store discounts, and keep tuned for all the other things we have in the pipeline!

Thank you for sticking with me for a decade and allowing me to help build the community

Kye Etherton
Chief Wrangler



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