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Published 10 months ago

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Please Support Puppy Pride


Puppy Pride is 10 years old which makes us one of the oldest pup play social networks around!

What started out as a simple messaging and event listing platform has turned into something so much bigger than was ever planned.

Over the last 10 years we have helped set up several events in the UK, as well as supported and sponsored hundreds of events around the world. 

We have also recently invested heavily in a new custom built social network to continue our aim of helping pups find one another and make valuable new connections.

However, running Puppy Pride, sponsoring events, managing our social networks, takes a lot of time and money invested into it for us to improve what we are doing and better help our community.

Unfortunately, due to Covid, I had to close the company which was funding a lot of Puppy Pride's endeavours (this company was also my only source of income). 

For Puppy Pride to continue the amazing work that we do for the global puppy community we really need your support.

Has Puppy Pride helped you in your pup journey over the past decade? Please consider helping us out.


Ways to Help:

Monthly Subscriptions

We currently offer a series of recurring monthly subscriptions from as little as £5+VATa month.

The digital-only tier gives you a fancy looking username with glowing effect and profile badge on the Puppy Pride site, as well as increasing some limits, such as number of social links.  We will be adding more features to this over time.

The other tiers all mean we send you awesome pup themed items every month! You can pick to either receive a custom designed t-shirt, a box of gifts and toys which includes custom made items, or to get both at a slight discount.  You’ll save about 30% by subscribing compared to the RRP of the contents. They all include the digital tier perks as well!

Signing up to the monthly subscriptions helps us a great deal. Regular payments to Puppy Pride mean we are able to pay much needed bills and budget and plan the exciting contents of our monthly packs for you. Your payments also help us to support events by allowing us to plan and send prize packs each month!


Online Store

We have an online store at https://PuppyPride.Store which sells hundreds of awesome pup play themed items. You can find most of the cool custom items from previous subscription packs here!

If you want to get yourself some new t-shirts, increase your pin collection, or want to get household items with paw prints and pup designs, then we probably have it. We even have socks and bandanas with pockets to help you keep your money easily accessible while in your pup gear.

Make Puppy Pride your first stop when you are looking to get new gear as you know all your purchases will be going towards helping Puppy Pride with their amazing work for our community.


Other ways to help

Puppy Pride can only keep growing with the help of those that use it.  

So whether you can afford to support us financially or not, there are still ways you can help.

If you attend any local pup events which aren’t listed on the website, please ask the event organisers to list them so that more pups can locate them. We even have groups to help organisers keep things together and show off all their upcoming event dates plus previous event photos, all in one place.

We would also appreciate it if people would write blog posts to help share their experiences in the pup play community so that new pups will have more resources to learn from.

But the most important thing that can be done to help is just to share this link with your friends who might not know we exist: https://PuppyPride.Social


Thank you for your Support!

We are grateful for all the love and support that you have shown us over the past 10 years. 

The messages that we get from people telling us how we have helped them to find themselves mean an awful lot. This is one of the main reasons that we keep going.

There are lots of wonderful pups all over the world and we will be here for you as long as possible, to help the pup play community as best as we can, for as long as we can.

So thank you for allowing us to be here to help, and for supporting us.


Kye Etherton

Chief Wrangler

Puppy Pride



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