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Puppy Pride CIC is over 10 years old, and we would like to thank everyone who has supported us the past decade.  

Over the past 10 years we’ve watched the community grow immensely and we’re proud of the part we have played in that.

Puppy Pride has been directly running the pup walking groups at Pride in London, and growing an annual party around it.  And we’ve been supporting many events, both small and large, around the world.

We know that a lot of events wouldn’t have gotten to where they are without our direct support, and we want to make sure we can continue to provide this for them, and any other event that needs it, as much as possible.  

Why We Need Your Support Now

At the moment we seriously need financial help if Puppy Pride is to remain operational.

In the wake of COVID-19, added to the recent huge inflationary increases, our operating costs have soared. From hosting and shipping to legal expenses, we're feeling the financial strain. 

Our commitment to enhancing our website and dealing with unexpected legal issues has further stretched our resources. Unfortunately, this has led to an accumulation of debts that we need to address urgently.

To be able to continue operating, and helping the global pup scene, we need your financial support. If we don’t get it then I’m honestly not sure if we can keep going.

How You Can Help

1. Monthly Support Subscriptions

Our monthly subscription packs are the most effective way for us to plan and budget. We offer four tiers to suit different budgets, each packed with unique benefits, from exclusive Puppy Pride merchandise to digital perks. 

These subscriptions aren't just a way to support us – they're a way to stay connected and get some fantastic pup-themed goodies!

They also help us to better budget for and support pup events around the globe!


Digital: £6/€7/$6- Fancy profile username, profile badge, increased limits on the site, and no adverts. More features to come!

T-Shirt: £18/€21/$19 - Everyone month you'll get a new Puppy Pride T-Shirt to wear, in your pre-selected colour & size!

Gift Packs: £26.50/€31/$27.50 - Every month you'll get a box of goodies before they hit the store. Almost everything you've seen in the store started from these boxes, plus more that have never been added.  This includes socks, caps, enamel pins, dog toys, plushies, and so much more!

Complete Pack: £42/€49/$44 - Get both the T-Shirt & Gift Pack together every month!

All packs are available globally, and prices include VAT in £ & €. We also support IOSS for EU pups so there’s no customs charges.

You can sign up here: and MUST have a Puppy Pride account to do so (else we couldn’t give you the digital perks). 


2. One-Time Purchases from Our Store

Explore over 600 unique items at our Puppy Pride Store. We sell a huge range of pup play themed items, with over 50 different t-shirts, bandana’s (with and without pockets), enamel pins, socks, and loads more.

Every purchase directly supports our community initiatives. 

Can't find something you like right now? Consider buying a gift card for future use – it's a great way to help us today and treat yourself later!

3. Share Investment Opportunities

For those interested in a more substantial form of support, we have previously offered shares in our parent company, TKBUK LTD. This is a unique opportunity to invest in and sustain the community we all cherish. If this interests you, please reach out to me directly  here, or on telegram @etherkye.

The Impact of Your Support

Your contributions go beyond just keeping us afloat. They enable us to continue creating safe, fun spaces for pups around the world. With your help, we can keep fostering the growth and vibrancy of this community we all love.

Join our journey to sustain this community 

As we stand at this crossroads, I reflect on the incredible journey of Puppy Pride. From a modest beginning to a thriving community of over 12,000 registered members, we have come a long way. But today, as I reach out to you, it's with a mixture of hope and urgency.

Puppy Pride has been more than just a platform; it has been a family, a sanctuary, and a source of joy and discovery for many in the pup play community. Your involvement has made this possible, and your continued support is the lifeline that can sustain this community we've built together.

By supporting us - whether through subscriptions, store purchases, or investing in shares - you're not just helping a community survive; you're nurturing a space where friendships are formed, where inclusivity thrives, and where the pup play spirit continues to flourish.

Let's band together to keep the tail wagging in the Puppy Pride community. Every gesture of support, big or small, writes another chapter in our story - a story of resilience, unity, and unwavering spirit.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Together, we can ensure that Puppy Pride remains a vibrant and welcoming community, with events that bring us together for years to come.

Join us in this mission - Subscribe or Support Today

With heartfelt thanks,




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