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Lycanthrope looking for buddies

Published 2 months ago

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Brummie werewolf, call me Captain or Cap. Would love to find some like minded people with similar interests to me.

I'm big on music. Biffy Clyro and Hozier are my top artists (couldn't pick between the two), but I like artists like dArtagnan, Dungen, Of Monsters And Men, Miracle of Sound, Lord Huron and I'm starting to like Heilung. Colm R McGuinness is a favourite too. (I'll stop with the music for now!)

I also dabble in writing and art. Currently stewing over 3 different projects that I will ramble about given the chance. So if you like fantasy, I got a lot of it lmao. Really want to get into LARP and DnD, but as I'm struggling to go outside atm, this is a work in progress haha

Word of warning, I do suffer with anxiety. Talking to people can be a task and half, but I'm eager to start really getting myself into the world. Apologies if conversation is a bit slow to start.



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