What means petplay to me

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Published On Thursday, October 15, 2015
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It´s not that easy for me to say what petplay means to me for two reasons. One thing is, that it´s always difficult for me to explain what I feel, and the other thing is, I´m from germany. So please have understanding ^^"

What means ponyplay to me ?

Normaly I´m shy. Really shy. I don´t like to be in groups of people, and I don´t like to be close to other. I´m not strong and... There are many things I am not. But... There is the pony. The pet inside me. There is Joy. She is all that I can not be. She is strong, smart, proud, sometimes a little naughty, but always kind...

I put on my suit and my mask. I slip into my gear. The tiny metal-bells ring. I really love that sound. I need a little help with putting on my bridle. Than my boots, sometimes with the fluffy legwarmers and at least my hand-hooves. My trainer fix them with the bandages. That is the moment. It´s the second where everything changes. The feeling is like a flash runs through my mind. I stop thinking in words like future or past. There is only the present. I breathe, slow and deep. The way I move and the way I behave changes by itself. It´s done. I do my first steps. Put one hoof after the other forward. All the time I was trapped inside that human. I was hiding behind everything and everyone. And now my bodylanguage alone speaks loud and clear "Here I am! Look at me!" I´m walking around. Feel the wind through my suit. The branches and twigs on my body when I leave the path. The way I see and hear changed. Suddenly... There is the sound my trainer makes with his tongue. I stop moving and look to him. I turn around and come slowly closer. He put the reins on my bridle and pets my hip. "Good girl." he says. Again that sound with his tongue and a soft pull on the reins - and I´m free...

This is what ponyplay means to me

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