Pupnosis is a form of erotic hypnosis designed to help someone achieve a deeper level of pupspace.

I've been using erotic hypnosis with subs for the last few years. I'm always amazed at how well it seems to work. I've used it to help people enjoy anal sex without pain, to become better at deep throating, and for CBT, where we switched on and off temporary local anaesthesia to their cock and balls.

More recently I was asked by a pup to help him achieve a deeper level of pup space. Whilst he'd done some puppy play he found that his conscious mind kept intruding and it was quite hard to stay in the right headspace. Since then, I've hypnotised several other pups, and each has been very surprised at how well it worked and how much fun it was.

What kind of mindset is conducive for a person to become hypnotised?

Hypnosis is basically a very relaxed state of awareness, an openness to learning things whilst in a deeply relaxed frame of mind. So I guess it helps if one can approach this with a curiosity about what might happen and an open mind to allowing oneself to experience something new.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

I think probably most people can be hypnotised, although it might take a number of different methods or quite a bit of time for some people to trust and feel able to go under. You can’t really be hypnotised against your will either. Most of us are quite used to going into a light trance states, for example, when one leaves the house in the morning and wondering whether you actually brushed your teeth or not because you can't remember it, but then you notice the minty taste and reassure yourself you must have done. You've basically been on autopilot, or in a light trance. Another way of explaining it is that kind of feeling you get as you’re dropping off to sleep and half dreaming and half awake. It’s rather pleasant, but you’re still aware of your thoughts

What happens in a pupnosis session?

You sit or lie down and deeply relax, and I guide you with my voice to access a deeper state of relaxation. You're asked various questions and to imagine various things to do with your pupsona and your unconscious mind provides the answers. I install a post hypnotic trigger, which when activated allows you to quickly re-access the trance state, and in this case be deeply in pup-space.

What happens when I wake up?

You awake alert, relaxed and confident and everything is back to normal, until the post hypnotic trigger is activated and then you immediately drop back into pup-space.

What's a post hypnotic trigger and how does it work?

It's a signal for you to rapidly return to the hypnotised state.

Will it last for long?

Generally the triggers naturally wear off after a few days, or shorter if necessary. For the most purposes, I generally install them for the duration of the session and when that’s over the trigger doesn’t work. Some people the suggestions last longer, which is how people can give up smoking etc.

Is it safe? Will I just go into trance anywhere? Can anyone activate it?

Your unconscious mind always has executive control and always remains in charge with your safety as it's priority. Sometimes I can transfer the hypnotic suggestion on to someone else to activate (i.e your Handler), or make it only work with MY voice/signal.

What will I do when I'm in trance?

You'll hopefully be in the deepest and most happiest pup-space you've ever known. Doing whatever you feel comfortable doing as a pup.

Any questions can be posted in the forum or sent in an IM to GiftedMaster.


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Published 10 years ago