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  • Christmas Contest winner

    Tags: news
    Published on Fri 8th Jan 2016 by admin
    4 Barks | 1 Comment
    [email protected] CANCELLED tonight Sorry to start with bad news, but anyone who was planning to go tonight will have to make other arrangements. [email protected] should return on Friday 5th February and we'll update you when we know more. FetishBound January ...
  • Night out tonight

    Published on Thu 7th Jan 2016 by PupScruff
    9 Barks | 3 Comments
    So today I went on a night out to one of my local bars where I have been going for about 2 years. After uploading pictures on my Facebook about me as a Pup i have been quite open about it and have got a care free attitude. So they had a dog bowl b...
  • What is being a puppy to you?

    Published on Wed 6th Jan 2016 by PupBleu
    6 Barks | 5 Comments
    I've always wanted to explain in words what being a Pup means to me and ever since finding out about human puppy's, how it's impacted how I feel and how it personally helps my wellbeing. I'm aware a lot of pups in the community use it as sexual in...
  • Photography and Friends

    Published on Mon 4th Jan 2016 by Zuk
    2 Barks | 5 Comments
    I guess I want to get to know people better and such, but I just suck at introductions and making the first move. Also, I'd like to practice photography more. So if anyone is interested, then perhaps arrange something. But if you, yourself, are a ...
  • About you favorite colors

    Published on Sun 3rd Jan 2016 by JoyOfSunfire
    10 Barks | 13 Comments
    Soooooo. The last 2 days I was really down and depressed. So many stupif things happen around me and with me. People said bad things to me and hurt me. Well, hmmm I don´t know how to say. There are only two really states for me. Yee, maybe three. ...
  • Selling gear

    Published on Sat 2nd Jan 2016 by Deleted
    6 Barks | 4 Comments
    Haroo pups people and other things :P Selling off some gear to help fund my new lady puppy look Perfect start for anyone looking for some gear to start out with pupping out ^^ Contents * Chest harness * Velcro Knee pads * Boxing gloves with acces...
  • Happy New Year

    Tags: news
    Published on Fri 1st Jan 2016 by admin
    1 Bark | 0 Comments
    Happy New Year From all of us at Puppy Pride, we hope last year was great for you and going forward this new year will be better then the last. We're aiming to make lots of new friends, and introduce even more pets and handlers to the joys of pe...
  • The strong heart

    Published on Fri 25th Dec 2015 by JoyOfSunfire
    5 Barks | 0 Comments
    The strong heart It´s dark outside on Christmas night, snow falls silent to the grounds. A pony hurries through the white, her hooves make clatter sounds. Reaching the kingdom in just one night, that seems impossible to do. But her heart is stro...
  • Merry Christmas

    Tags: news
    Published on Thu 24th Dec 2015 by admin
    2 Barks | 1 Comment
    Merry Christmas From all of us at Puppy Pride, we wish you a very Merry Christmas. We hope yours is filled with cuddles and treats, friends and family, and all the things that make you stop and smile. We'll still be here for most of the holiday ...
  • Outside Photos

    Published on Tue 22nd Dec 2015 by hexyc
    11 Barks | 6 Comments
    It’s a common trait among pups to be … camera friendly to say the least (or this is a statistical bias due to the exposure caused by this). Being no exception to this I’m a bit of a sucker when someone comes along offering a free photoshoot. When ...