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  • Coming out as a pup to everyone

    Published on Wed 18th Nov 2015 by PupScruff
    19 Barks | 6 Comments
    What an amazing weekend it's been, I have met the most amazing inspirational people I have ever seen in my whole life. I was very hesitant about attending Sexpo as I had never "Pupped out" before. I had witnessed pups, and had met my owners who a...
  • Things are happening XD

    Published on Tue 17th Nov 2015 by Deleted
    3 Barks | 5 Comments
    Harooo Peoples, Pups, Ponies and other things XD decided the time is right to begin my transition from make to female. YAY xD So i've gone from Otto Pup to Pan Puppy, still the same daft old me tho, just with a few more puns about cooking applianc...
  • Hexpo

    Tags: Sexpo
    Published on Tue 17th Nov 2015 by hexyc
    7 Barks | 6 Comments
    I'm still very excited and wagging about it all, so this might appear a bit random with thoughts. I just wanted to write something while I still was feeling that energy. Deep breath, here we go :) Over the weekend, as I’m sure you’ve seen from th...
  • Sexpo

    Published on Fri 13th Nov 2015 by admin
    0 Barks | 0 Comments
    Pup Palace I would just like to say a huge thank you to all the pups and handlers who turned up over the weekend! This was the first event I've seen where the pups were spoiled by being outnumbered by the handlers. We are hopeful that this can b...
  • What Breed am I?

    Tags: Breed
    Published on Mon 9th Nov 2015 by PupScruff
    2 Barks | 1 Comment
    The breed of pup I am, i think would be a Russell Terrier. Not a Jack Russell because they are larger, Russell Terriers are shorter and more petit. They are tiny mischievous creatures with a big heart. They rely on a high level of exercise and sti...
  • Bristol, Sexpo, bug fixes

    Tags: news
    Published on Fri 6th Nov 2015 by admin
    0 Barks | 0 Comments
    This Saturday Pup Palace Saturday 7th November 1PM - 5PM Venue: The Palace Location: Bristol Cost: FREE (mostly) We invite you to join us at a new pup play event in the heart of Bristol. This particular event is being held during the UK Leather...
  • A Stranger's Home

    Published on Thu 5th Nov 2015 by Zuk
    3 Barks | 2 Comments
    The hollowing feeling as a lengthy claw slithers down your spine, the solidifying feeling when the breath of that shadow covers your neck. Looking into the reflection of the window, all you can see standing behind you is an expressionless mannequi...
  • Puppy Pride Civilization V Kingdom Adventure

    Published on Tue 3rd Nov 2015 by Deleted
    2 Barks | 0 Comments
    Gonna be doing a Civ 5 campaign, playing as the kingdom of puppy Pride :D will update with a screenshot and some text each time I make/capture a new city :D Vanilla Civ 5 Large map, only victory conditions are time or domination :P Each new city w...
  • My pup breed and why

    Published on Tue 3rd Nov 2015 by Zuk
    1 Bark | 0 Comments
    This is for you, admin! You better be grateful :p When I consider what breed I am, I transcribe the characteristics of one particular type of pooch; not for matching qualities in every aspect, but rather the traits that fill me ...
  • Where ponies and ponyfoxes came from

    Published on Sun 1st Nov 2015 by JoyOfSunfire
    1 Bark | 2 Comments
    Well it´s not a big secret, but some people doesn´t know where ponies and ponyfoxes came from. And some people doesn´t know that a ponyfox and a pony can be brother and sister. So here are the answers ! What do I need to have my own pony or pony...