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  • Medals & Points

    Tags: news
    Published on Sat 31st Oct 2015 by admin
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    Website Updates Points & Medals have been introduced to your profile pages to help show other members how much you have contributed to the website. All standard medals come in 4 tiers; black, bronze, silver, and gold. Earning the black is ea...
  • To fur or not to fur

    Published on Thu 29th Oct 2015 by hexyc
    7 Barks | 8 Comments
    Pups and furs Last weekend I went to MCM comic con in London. There was a myriad of cosplays and interesting costumes but, of course, the ones that stuck out the most to me were the furs. There were many different types of this. People wearing t...
  • Puppy Pride Would Like Your Help With Our Patreon

    Published on Fri 23rd Oct 2015 by admin
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    Help Support Puppy Pride As you know, Puppy Pride is the best online home for pet play! To help us maintain and improve the site, we need people like you to support our Patreon. Your donations will help us to: - Maintain and improve the website ...
  • Mission save the puppys halloween

    Tags: Halloween
    Published on Sun 18th Oct 2015 by cookie1991
    2 Barks | 0 Comments
    Earth, once again it was that time of year when strange things happen .... all hallows eve. cookie slipping into her pumpkin coller getting ready to go to a party all excited for the treats, choccy bones and many more puppy treats. sitting nicely ...
  • New Bristol Event, Win a Photo Shoot, and Pups on TV!

    Tags: news
    Published on Fri 16th Oct 2015 by admin
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    Pup Palace in Bristol We would like people to join us at a new pup play event in the heart of Bristol. This particular event is being held during the UK Leather Pride weekend, but if there's enough demand they might make it a regular event! We w...
  • what petplay means to me

    Tags: Myself
    Published on Fri 16th Oct 2015 by cookie1991
    2 Barks | 1 Comment
    Cookie that is what master calls me, still new to the petplay scence but loving the way it makes me feel. Pet play means alot to me personally i used to be very confident and have a large group of friends and but then last year in august i became ...
  • What does being a puppy mean to me?

    Tags: Myself
    Published on Fri 16th Oct 2015 by PupScruff
    5 Barks | 1 Comment
    So it all started when I was 16. I went to Pride with this guy who wanted to put me in a collar and walk me around. I didn't quite understand it back then but thought it was a great Idea. Being on the leash felt I was safe and protected by someone...
  • What means petplay to me

    Tags: Myself
    Published on Thu 15th Oct 2015 by JoyOfSunfire
    3 Barks | 2 Comments
    It´s not that easy for me to say what petplay means to me for two reasons. One thing is, that it´s always difficult for me to explain what I feel, and the other thing is, I´m from germany. So please have understanding ^^" What means ponyplay to m...
  • How Scruff Saved Halloween

    Tags: Halloween
    Published on Mon 12th Oct 2015 by PupScruff
    5 Barks | 1 Comment
    Halloween was just around the corner, and all the handlers were getting their pups costumes ready. Some were going dressed as a bone, some were going dressed in a blanket cape, and one was even going dressed as Katie Hopkins. They were all so exci...
  • Let the spookyness begin!

    Tags: news
    Published on Fri 9th Oct 2015 by admin
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    Free Gift at FetishBound It's Kye's birthday soon, so he'll be at FetishBound TONIGHT to give a free gift to every pup in pup gear: custom-made 38mm Puppy Pride dog tags that won't ever be on sale. To make sure you get yours, come and see us at t...