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  • New Bristol Event, Win a Photo Shoot, and Pups on TV!

    Tags: news
    Published on Fri 16th Oct 2015 by admin
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    Pup Palace in Bristol We would like people to join us at a new pup play event in the heart of Bristol. This particular event is being held during the UK Leather Pride weekend, but if there's enough demand they might make it a regular event! We w...
  • what petplay means to me

    Tags: Myself
    Published on Fri 16th Oct 2015 by cookie1991
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    Cookie that is what master calls me, still new to the petplay scence but loving the way it makes me feel. Pet play means alot to me personally i used to be very confident and have a large group of friends and but then last year in august i became ...
  • What does being a puppy mean to me?

    Tags: Myself
    Published on Fri 16th Oct 2015 by PupScruff
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    So it all started when I was 16. I went to Pride with this guy who wanted to put me in a collar and walk me around. I didn't quite understand it back then but thought it was a great Idea. Being on the leash felt I was safe and protected by someone...
  • What means petplay to me

    Tags: Myself
    Published on Thu 15th Oct 2015 by JoyOfSunfire
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    It´s not that easy for me to say what petplay means to me for two reasons. One thing is, that it´s always difficult for me to explain what I feel, and the other thing is, I´m from germany. So please have understanding ^^" What means ponyplay to m...
  • How Scruff Saved Halloween

    Tags: Halloween
    Published on Mon 12th Oct 2015 by PupScruff
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    Halloween was just around the corner, and all the handlers were getting their pups costumes ready. Some were going dressed as a bone, some were going dressed in a blanket cape, and one was even going dressed as Katie Hopkins. They were all so exci...
  • Let the spookyness begin!

    Tags: news
    Published on Fri 9th Oct 2015 by admin
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    Free Gift at FetishBound It's Kye's birthday soon, so he'll be at FetishBound TONIGHT to give a free gift to every pup in pup gear: custom-made 38mm Puppy Pride dog tags that won't ever be on sale. To make sure you get yours, come and see us at t...
  • Ode to Squeaky

    Tags: Ode, Ball, toy, squeak
    Published on Thu 8th Oct 2015 by Pup Nobley
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    Squeak I’m pupping out in my room, sniffing around, when I spy with my eye, something yellow and round. I jump right at the thing and bark really loud, but it doesn’t talk back, nor it seems impressed by my shout. Again I exclaim one mighty wild ...
  • Ode to Sir

    Tags: Ode, bone, flogger
    Published on Thu 8th Oct 2015 by FilthyPaws
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    Could use a distraction, some puppy play action So somebody, please, I won't be a tease it's dreadfully boring up here on my feet Throw me a bone, I'll get down on my knees or better yet, take this collar and leash. Lock me up tight and throw 'way...
  • Free gifts and congratulations to our writers

    Tags: news
    Published on Sat 3rd Oct 2015 by admin
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    Pup's Big Day Out And so another writing competition has come to a close. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part! The winner of the "Pet Play and the Public" theme is Scoutpupp for his wonderfully written account of going...
  • What Is Pet Play To You? New Writing Competition Theme Announced!

    Tags: news
    Published on Fri 25th Sep 2015 by admin
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    New Writing Competitions Everyone who enters a writing competition will receive a pair of wristbands or a retro dog tag, while stocks last! First prize for each theme will receive a big box of chocolates! We will also be awarding prizes to the ru...