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  • New Privacy Settings

    Tags: news
    Published on Fri 4th Sep 2015 by admin
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    Website Updates New privacy options on galleries. You can now choose who sees your pictures; from site members, your friends,or just you. You can also change privacy settings at any time if you want to make an album more public or private. Fixed...
  • Write For Chocolate!

    Tags: news
    Published on Sat 29th Aug 2015 by admin
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    Our writing competitions are changing. Some people told us that 2 weeks isn't long enough to write something that they're happy with. With this in mind, all competitions will now be 4 weeks long. We will still announce a new theme every fortnight...
  • Today

    Tags: Ideal Day
    Published on Mon 17th Aug 2015 by hexyc
    5 Barks | 6 Comments
    Today is a good day. After waking I lift myself off the soft cushion bellow, taking deep breaths of the morning air. A gentle fresh breeze wafts through, juxtaposed by the familiar, ever-present musk from latex and sweat. Once on my knees I pause,...
  • Server Crashed

    Tags: news
    Published on Mon 17th Aug 2015 by admin
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    At about 1pm today our main server crashed and took with it quite a lot of our backups as well as they were stored in the same server farm. We have gotten most of the data back but have lost some of the most recent posts and images which we were u...
  • Paw Prints Wanted

    Published on Thu 13th Aug 2015 by admin
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    We're making some wall decorations for events we sponsor and want something that will represent the community. That's why we're getting YOU to help us design them! We want to cover the walls with paw prints and would like you to make them. Everyo...
  • Two New Big Events

    Published on Fri 7th Aug 2015 by admin
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    Puppy Pride has been asked to run pet play areas in two large London events and we've got discounts for everyone! Kink of Heaven Circus Heaven Circus by Heaven Circle is to be held on Friday 11th September with a possible World Record Attempt! I...
  • Changing Your Username

    Published on Thu 23rd Jul 2015 by admin
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    Many people have asked us for a method to change their username. After a while, it's done! We've now added a way for you to do it yourself instead of having to email us. Just go to (accessible thro...
  • Thank you for coming to London Pride 2015

    Published on Fri 10th Jul 2015 by admin
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    I would like to say a massive thank you to the 80+ people who joined us for our 4th annual walk in the Pride in London Parade this year. The photos that we currently have are in this Dropbox folder:
  • Kinky Flatmates

    Published on Mon 29th Jun 2015 by hexyc
    0 Barks | 5 Comments
    I’m moving flats this year, though still going to the same uni the guys in my flat are moving different ways. Though I’ve found a place with other uni friends it got me thinking about kinky flat mates. I’ve heard peoples stories about them and kn...
  • Website Overhaul

    Published on Thu 25th Jun 2015 by admin
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    The Puppy Pride website is back online, but looking completely different. We have a new logo, a new brand, and a new fully responsive website (which means you can now use on your phone and tablet!) We have been working behind the scenes to make a...