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  • Jack's Floggers tails

    Published on Sat 24th Aug 2013 by Starly24
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    Jack's Floggers offer a range of puppy tails alongside their excellent floggers and dragon tails.
  • 'Pupnosis'

    Published on Wed 14th Aug 2013 by GiftedMaster
    3 Barks | 1 Comment
    Pupnosis is a form of erotic hypnosis designed to help someone achieve a deeper level of pupspace. I've been using erotic hypnosis with subs for the last few years. I'm always amazed at how well it seems to work. I've used it to help people enjoy...
  • Mr S Leather - Leather Puppy Hood

    Published on Sun 11th Aug 2013 by superpup6901
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  • Mr S Woof! Muzzle - Leather

    Published on Thu 25th Jul 2013 by Deleted
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    The Woof! Muzzle from Mr S has become something of a trendsetter these days, in terms of it's design aspects. It seems like everywhere you look where pups can be found, someone is either wearing one or a hood that was made in a very similar fashio...
  • Black Style hood

    Published on Wed 24th Jul 2013 by Cerbrus
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    I'll start these reviews off with my Blackstyle dog mask, as you can see in my profile picture. These masks can be bought in 3 versions: Just the hood, the hood with a zipper at the back of the head, or with a zipper and a collar. Each of these v...
  • Welcome everyone, to!

    Published on Mon 22nd Jul 2013 by admin
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    So, the first post. It has been apparent for a while that there is a relatively well connected group of puppies based around the London area who all have connections to pups outside of the region. Puppies have become a common sight around the fet...