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Pupsgiving Pot Luck and Pool Party

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A Fun Day of Pool Time and Good Food

Starts Friday 18th of November 2022 - 16:00 PM

Come Have A Good Day Pool Side As We Share In Food And Revels Of Those Into Pet Play. There Will Be Pool Toys, Floaties And, Of Course, A Pot Luck Buffet! There is a Telegram Group for this event. Contact me Via Telegram @alphapuptemplar for more details and to be added to the chat.

Contributions Are Assigned By Name As Shown Here: A-F: Appetizers (small items meant to be eaten as snacks or before the meal: Salad, stuffed pasta shells, chips, Est) G-Q: Side Dishes (small dishes meant to be eaten with a mean: scalped corn, green been casserole, mashed potatoes) R-Z: Deserts

Main Course Proteins Provided by host: Turkey, Ham, Vegan Meat Loaf (impossible beef)

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