This event has ended

There's something for all the pups here, whether you want to chill out in the sauna or hot tub, or get freaky in one of the many dark rooms! All are welcome to bring their own toys, general pup toys or sexier stuff ;D All profits will go towards making our events better, such as creating a gear borrow box or having more fun things like a ball pool


There are lockers available for all of your belongings and there are packs of condoms and lube in the dark rooms provided by MESMAC, although we still advise you bring and use your own. For those wanting to use the sauna or hot tub, we advise you bring your own towel but you can borrow one for £5.



-Always have consent before playing with someone! We cannot stress this enough

-You can be naked and act flirty in the hot tub but please do not have sex in there as it's very unhygienic. We recommend being careful with gear in the hot tub as the water is chlorinated and can bleach some materials

-Please only engage in watersports in the upstairs shower and rinse after you have finished

-We recommend getting tested before going to the event. This is not a requirement but other attendees have a right to ask for your results before playing with you

-Be cautious with the equipment! Particularly for things such as the sling, the event staff and venue staff do not hold any responsibility for people who cause injury to themselves from misuse of equipment


*As HU9 Club doesn't have a license for selling alcohol, you will have to bring your own and the staff there will keep it behind the bar for when you want it