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  • Mission save the puppys halloween

    Tags: Halloween
    Published on Sun 18th Oct 2015 by cookie1991
    2 Barks | 0 Comments
    Earth, once again it was that time of year when strange things happen .... all hallows eve. cookie slipping into her pumpkin coller getting ready to go to a party all excited for the treats, choccy bones and many more puppy treats. sitting nicely ...
  • How Scruff Saved Halloween

    Tags: Halloween
    Published on Mon 12th Oct 2015 by PupScruff
    5 Barks | 1 Comment
    Halloween was just around the corner, and all the handlers were getting their pups costumes ready. Some were going dressed as a bone, some were going dressed in a blanket cape, and one was even going dressed as Katie Hopkins. They were all so exci...